Salvador Vial Purcell

T +562 2993 59 41

  • Salvador Vial pursued his undergraduate studies at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2008). He holds a Master in Criminal Law from both University of Barcelona and University Pompeu Fabra (2010) and an LL.M. from University of Michigan Law School (2014). In addition, he has postgraduate studies in Antitrust Law, Criminal Justice and Tax Law.
  • Salvador has taught Criminal Law to undergraduate students, at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Law School (2011-2013) and Universidad Andrés Bello Law School (2014), and postgraduate students, at the Diploma of “Gobierno Corporativo” (Corporate Governance) given by Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2017-2019) and the Diploma “Prevención, Detección e Investigación de Fraudes” (Fraud prevention, detection and investigation) of the Economy and Business School of the Universidad de Chile (2018-2020). and Antitrust to undergraduate students at Universidad Andrés Bello Law School (2019)
  • He focuses on Criminal Litigation, Antitrust, Civil and Commercial Litigation and Arbitration, Torts and Administrative Disciplinary Law, mainly in matters related to White Collar offences, including Corporate Criminality, Bribery, Bankruptcy Crimes, Tax Crimes, Environmental Crimes and Crimes against Employees´ Safety, among others. In addition, he advises clients preventively on Criminal Law, Antitrust Law and Anti Money Laundering regulation.
  • He started his legal career at Vial y Cía (2008-2011). Thereafter, he worked at the Anti-Cartel Division of the Fiscalía Nacional Económica, the Chilean Antitrust Agency (2011-2013). Then, he worked as a Senior Associate at Alcaíno Abogados (2014-2016).
  • Languages: Spanish, English.